A hypothetical sub-state & substance of mine is “Cosmic  Must”. There must be something beyond Cosmic Matter & not being a theologian all I am qualified to say is that there can be no such entity as an atheist as I understand the word. In my thinking outside “Cosmic Matter” is “Cosmic Must” which I will never refer to here again as I consider myself not qualified.

Smile & The World Smiles With You – Weep & You Weep Alone’

We have been told by people such as Stephen Hawking ,when he was alive, that we must move from Earth to continue to exist as a race (I contest that but he was an expert).

A Colony on a distant planet is a good idea but not easy. I will discuss that.

When it comes to many things I add a little extra in the form of separate posts as you will see below. There are many good answers that will appear here. Some are sure to be discussed (& imaged) elsewhere on the internet & in the case of many writing is so long that there is nothing to do but create another post. In writing about both I will insert a link for ease of finding.

Cosmology – Space Com          Cosmic Matter


A spiral galaxy in our universe of Cosmic Matter & in which our Sun is a star.

Milky Way Galaxy


Around the Sun are several planets revolving of which Earth is one.

Bing Solar system site (Wow)


This is where we live. The good. The bad. The indifferent. A mulch of peoples & mixed in every way. Plenty of history. Plenty of future I hazard (believing our clever researchers have put us beyond life extinction). Plenty to write about.


My Country on earth & first in the Canada Series. Canada My Country

British Columbia (BC)    Alberta (AB)    Saskatchewan (SK)   Manitoba (MA)

Ontario (ON)    Quebec (QC)    New Brunswick (NB)    Nova Scotia (NS)

Prince Edward Isle (PEI)    Newfoundland Labrador (NL)

Yukon (YN)    North West Territories (NWT)    Nunavut (NU)

EARTH COLONY (Distant Space)

Whether we have to or not there is sure to be or planned to be a colony on a distant star.