Caring Community

Yesterday my wife Carol, who is re-united with me as another resident here, went to St.Catharine’s accompanied by an in-house PSW. Similarly today when Carol went to have surgery at Welland.

On both occasions the PSW sent a text message on her cell phone to a Manager here. That person immediately found me and relayed the contents, which were success in each case.

This action enabled me to send a message to our siblings on my cellphone that I had with me. Another spontaneous act of kindness occurred today. My wife had to remove her rings when in the presence of a PSW but during my absence. The PSW not only stored the rings safely but also sought me to tell me the whereabouts.

It is a real treat to be living in this caring community that is Crescent Park Lodge.

Footnote: On the return of Carol from the hospital in Welland she stopped breathing and I think her life is due to the accompanying Crescent Park Lodge PSW who then administered CPR.

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