Family Councils – Who’uld Want’em?

There are some families that, for one reason or another and all very real to them, dump relatives as soon as possible in a long term care home to immediately set about then having as little as can be to do with them.

There are families that regularly visit relatives in long term care homes trying hard along the way to make resident relatives lives as comfortable as they can.

There are even friends of residents who do the same as a good family member, god bless ’em.

Out of all this we have the Family Council meeting to which all residents families and friends are invited to attend with a lodge staffer to discuss ways of helping residents.

That is the idea and which was working despite difficulty in the days where ladies were often at home and could more easily attend. Those days are gone,gone,gone.

How to find an effective way to conduct affairs that is comprehensive. At present this is an area of failure here.

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