Central Revenue Agency

Taxes I pay are in real  currency and rightfully cost me. Getting through to a real live CRA agent is slow and hard unnecessarily in my opinion, an opinion that doesn’t seem to count for much though I pay my taxes consistently in full and on time. I make this complaint just after going through a puzzling experience.

Yesterday I received an email from CRA that I couldn’t follow so I tried calling, and calling, and calling to eventually get through and speak to a living human person. All this left me very annoyed. The email stated that I had registered to have information sent by email which I don’t remember doing and did not intend to do so the registration request must have been badly worded.

My preceding message was a letter asking for proof of my medical expenses to which I quickly responded and following which I expected a letter from CRA saying that my expenses were ok.

The human agent quickly cancelled my unintended email registration and told me that I will shortly receive a letter in the mail to say that I don’t owe anything.

I do expect better and faster communication with a human agent at CRA as I end up feeling that all this frustration and needless taking of my valued time was very poor on the part of our government. If you have a bad experience with a government agency then complain. If enough of us do the vote seekers will act.

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