Here “You’re Welcome” is meant

As you may know, my wife is recently deceased. While she was still mobile but I was not she bought in her name two cellphones (marvellous invention and very useful with the ability to send a text message to several at the single command which leaves one feeling powerful).

Unfortunately she bought the cellphone I use in her name and to transfer ownership at Bell to me I was asked to provide a photo ID and to present myself at a Ma Bell office. Wait though, have I not been retired for over a quarter century? Have I not long since stopped holding a driving license and do I not have difficulty going out? and have I no passport .YES to all.

Try as I may and with several phone calls and long waits as well. I could not come to terms with Bell until I encountered a clever agent who suggested a scheme.

A new SIM would come here by mail and was only to be inserted. Hurrah.

If you think that is the end of this story then you’re wrong because the new SIM came quickly in the mail but alas did not fit so the management here despite being so very “You’re Welcomish” could not immediately help.

Aha. The staff here put their heads together and found the closest Bell office which at my last hearing they plan to call and visit. I am sure that all will go well and CPL will prove that “You’re Welcome” has meaning here.

Footnote: I read about cellphone makers slowing earlier models to sell the new ones. I hope that users will show those greedy ones that this is not a good idea. Improvements  yes degradation no.




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