Mushroom Syndrome & LTC homes

What? You ask, is the Mushroom Syndrome. Answer: Fed on a diet of horse manure and kept in the dark. Mentioned here because it is what some Residents feel they get.

Residents are in Long Term Care because, and for any of many reasons, they cannot be cared for at their former home. All residents usually have one thing in common and that is that as they grow older and degenerate eventually they reach the point of decease during their stay.

Along the way they loose possession of their faculties and so any uninformed visitor speaking to a resident is never certain of the mental condition of the person they speak with .  One such person just went past my open door and said ‘Hi’ then we had a short talk which included reference to our health with both of us thinking we spoke verity but in fact neither of us knowing whether we spoke truth or if we were jollied along.

This is where the families come in, be it noted that there are many kind & helpful families and some who want nothing to do with their relatives. When relatives turn away we have, thank god, the good will of staff.

The bottom line is that LTC home residents cannot be relied on for what they think.

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