Martin Luther King Day

There it is printed in very small type on the calendar that all residents here do get. I personally treat it as a reminder that all humans are, well, human and this is so regardless of skin colour, and so they are treated by management and staff at this home where Christian religion of all denominations is adopted. Residents are welcome here regardless of skin colour, language and denomination.

Here management makes an effort to also fit in new residents, probably parents of local immigrants, who don’t speak English. What then of people who apply who are of a religion not Christian? Providing there is space and the other conditions are met then they are welcomed too. Hurrah I say.

What then of my God? I start by telling the reader that I shudder whenever I hear the words from the hymn “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war”.  Who are we to think that the God of other religions is not also our God but with a different name? Personally I am quick to admit that my religion is Christian but had I been born in India I would probably be Hindu.

Like Martin Luther King I have a dream.

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