Bother the Future

As Residents we of ourselves, and rightly, can’t be bothered about the future which will occur after our presence on this earth. We do care though and one of the things we care about are those sometimes nice, sometimes pesky,  grandchildren of ours and our relatives.

The famous folk singer Bob Dylan has just been awarded a Nobel Prize over his song “Times they are a’changin”. Why? Because those clever folk at the Nobel understand this prescience of Bob. One of the things they understand is that human strength alone is not important and that we are moving ahead fast, very fast. So, although we may not be bothered for ourselves we need to push our family to bothered.

Bothered about what? Education that’s what. Think for a moment about artificial intelligence and artificially assisted human intelligence. To rise above the level of mediocrity in our working lives we need to understand how to best use these two and that means effective education. Want to be scared a little? Consider that very soon computers will be able to program computers. Yes good education is fast becoming more important.

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