Ageism a Prejudice? – Ageism a Help?

When you see someone older walking slowly, do you believe their thinking has slowed down, they are getting old? You may be surprised to learn you’re practicing “ageism” — stereotyping or discriminating against people because of their age.
All of us are human. Perhaps we resent the attitude the elder person has displayed towards us over time. We may be plain miserable as some humans are. No. We see ourselves as kind hearted and loving as many are but we don’t or can’t take care of the elder one day and night at home. Whatever our attitudes & actions they are us practicing ageism which can result in prejudicial actions or can be a help.
Ageism and its results as they affect the recipients, family,  close friends is a complex subject for humans. I think it needs a categorized group of posts, “Ageism”, here I will set out the analysis & results of competent others together with views of mine. To display all at any time employ the category key.
As a long term care resident I feel to be luckily in a position to analyse this topic.

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