Coming of Age

No. Not us silly. Our GRANDkids! Education is what I am thinking about. Can’t be bothered you say for you are long finished with formal education. OK.

Let’s think about taxes that nobody is ever finished with. Aha. Now you’re interested. Sorry we’re talking about the taxes of our GRANDkids.  You say you’re not interested & let them do the worrying. Oh, but you are & here’s why.

In Canada the cost of residents in nursing homes now is subsidised by government for many. Where does the gov. get the money? Why from tax deposits and in this case those taxes depend in part on the earnings of the youngsters who joined the workforce. So we suddenly become interested.

So we do want our GRANDkids well educated and to be good earners. Another post on coming of age education next day on both these equally important aspects of education….


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