Our Family Adolescents-Mentally

A few days ago I was happy to write about a visit to our lodge of a group of army cadets. Sadly I am going now to write about the action to take following the killing of some 14 students in Parkland school in Florida, an incident much commented on including comment to the effect that we should not have cadet units for adolescents of school age.

I believe that the concept of having military cadet units attached to high schools is a good thing. I also believe that all adolescent educational institutions must undertake regular examinations of mental health with reports to parents and school authorities by qualified persons as a necessary precaution.

When adolescents are growing up, attending school, it is the very important and serious responsibility of school staff to observe pupils and take good care of both the physical and mental qualities of those in their care who will become our future.

We love our families, we hire qualified people to care and be responsible for them.

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