Spring is Here?

Today when I opened my computer I was greeted with the message “Spring is here” and a picture  of a field of tulips. Instinctively I looked out the window and was greeted with frost on the ground and a look of cold.

How can my mind believe in “Global Warming”?

Well, I tell myself, it is a big world and just because it is colder than normal here it can be warmer than normal somewhere and I am told that it is, say, at the poles. So I listen to the experts and still believe in GLOBAL WARMING.

Yes pundits, I do believe in global warming but after looking out of the window it is getting harder. Oh dear!

I have a shivery belief in Global Warming

Good day all as I try my hardest to think of the residents garden and spring planting, nice days lolling about in the garden outside and watching all the spring plants grow.

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