It’s For The Birds

It was an optimistic group of residents and recreation who met with the intention of adding a bird group now that spring is coming (all pray).

“It’s for the birds” is the name we have given  to the group of residents who will put & regularly fill bird feeders in our garden.

We are hoping to attract a variety of local birds to feed and perhaps build nests nearby this spring.

Included in the feed there will be special nectar for humming birds, a variety we want to watch. We have contacted the humming bird society to make sure we get a good formula for the feed nectar.

In this area, which is close to being the most favourable in all Canada there should be a wide variety of bird species coming, some stay permanently here and others are here seasonally. Spring is the season when birds mate and produce young to be born and grow.

We intend to do well, but whether we do or not we intend to keep posting our progress at key times for you to follow. Wish us luck in this venture.

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