Fall-Pushed (Which?)

No wonder folk, seniors like us, “Can’t be bothered”. We are surrounded by eye catching headlines that forecast things like species extinction. Others surround us with equally eye catching headlines saying things like continuation of the same species guaranteed and all the soothsayers on both sides being qualified researchers.

Faced with these conflicting stories I often want to dig deeper but it is equally ok in my opinion to say “Can’t be bothered”, a normal reaction whenever we become confused. So “Can’t be bothered” it often is.

What then about (1) Global Warming. (2) Potable water demand exceeding world supply. (3) Runaway population growth. These are just a few of the eye catchers.

Since none of us residents in Crescent Park Lodge is an accredited research expert we are genuinely confused. Being confused and not having any way out it is easy to understand that we “Can’t be bothered”.

Did she fall or was she pushed?

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