Farming As Was

A group of residents met to discuss farming in Canada during the twentieth century, the transition from horses working to horsepower in twentieth century petroleum engine powered tractors.

Transition from human and horse power to one with mainly petroleum engine powered tractors but still  plenty of human muscle power.

In the twentieth century we still used manure from farm animals but vastly increased production with manufactured fertilisers and the better seed that became available.

As the century went by so was, for example, there a transition in hay making and storing from  all manual to more mechanised methods a trend that was seen in many agricultural areas such as planting and weeding.

Next month the group will meet to discuss farming of the future and what the industry will do to provide food for people in face of a reduced potable water supply and less more expensive resources such as fertiliser. Not an easy subject for our group as there will have to be much guessing that will involve all our brain power. Oh dear.

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