Action from past Memories

When but a child aged three I first noticed and asked about the paintings on the living room wall of my grandparents home. Canada I was told was depicted and the furry large cattle-like animals, were buffalo. In the parlour book case was a book, complete with wood cuts titled “Settlers in Canada”. Being so young I didn’t spare a second thought.

Nowadays, settled in Canada myself since 1953, I can’t help thinking they had many years ago thought of moving here. They didn’t but I did along with my bride to be.

When I was seven my parents bought me an encyclopedia for children. There was a chapter describing the wonders of Canada. For me that was a clincher and I decided that when I grew older I would emigrate here. As you can discern I did, in fact spent my whole working life happily living and raising my family here.

My wife to be and I entered Canada at the end of 1953 determined that over time we would travel all this vast country from east coast to west coast and north/south too. We were lucky to be able to do just that.


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