Discussions: Arctic, Cellphones.

There are all kinds of programmes that Recreation manages for Residents and I am not about detailing these here, but I will tell you a little of the discussion Ashley, of Recreation, ran the other day.

Part was based on the purchase in Canada of some underwater robots to be used beneath the ice in the Canadian Arctic Sea and manufactured in Vancouver. It was explained by a group Resident how important Arctic Canada security and sovereignty is to us.

See: Automatic Under Water Vehicles

The other part, and of great present and future importance here, is the cellphone. Fortunately Ashley has a recent model that she showed us and all it’s wonders. We heard that simpler older models can be purchased these days and for much less cost than when they first came to market.

A very good feature is that the same message, which can be texted rather than verbal, can be sent to several recipients by the touch of a single button and retrieved by a receiver later when it suits them.

A resident at the discussion explained that they send messages morning and evening to family members who can reply at their convenience or send group messages themselves.

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