Education Today-We Care

We all want our grandchildren to do well in this changing world and it is really changing.

Gone are the days of our youth when the biggest plus to have was physical strength. Becoming less important in the working days of our children who learned control of engine powered machinery we have witnessed decline in the sole need for physical strength.

A Nobel Prize was won by Bob Dylan for the song “Times They Are A Changin”.

Advanced controls are & will more & more be used to control our machines. Our grandchildren will need broader & current new education to succeed the way we want.

Enter the era of Life STEM education. Let’s get our families to support it.

Life STEM I learned is “Life” & in my mind includes all ARTS which, no matter what the tongue is so important to understanding human living, & STEM which is just one of those, oh so popular, acronyms in this case meaning S (science), T (technology),  E  (engineering), M (math).

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