What A Mess

Since the advent of life on earth ions ago there have been several events that we can only classify as extinctions. Each time we have lost species including humans. Each time we have taken several hundred thousand years to recover.

The disappearance of many animals and plants at the hands of man in prehistoric, historic and modern times will eventually show up in the fossil record as mass extinctions. (from BBC article). Will there be humans to find these fossils? Will the next disappearance be total? Will we be so stupid?

What a mess to overcome, but humans are clever and it is just possible that with the Earth progress we have now achieved here and the potential for a colony planet in this huge universe of cosmic matter, it is just possible we can do it.

This blog note is no more than this person’s optimistic view of things to come. I hope that my wish for an outcome in favour of all life on earth turns out to be true.


NB: Real AI? What about SOUL?

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