Times They Are A Changin’*

Nothing could be truer in this rapidly changing world of human population. Changes to the quantity, the age group mix, the ethnic group sizes, the work & leisure habits, food availability & likely others.

The truth is so self evident as we look around. Changes too are occurring rapidly, noticeably from month to month as we speak.

Many believe that based on past experience whole species, possibly including human, will be lost in this coming extinction which the researchers believe to be the sixth since life first began on this planet.

I think that we have enough clever people & sensible governments to find our way around extinction though because we also have dumb people & governments I expect surmountable trouble ).

A good time I believe for a long term care home resident in Southern Ontario to post this message

* A Nobel prize winning song by Bob Dylan

Make a Caring Noise & Help Avoid Extinction

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