Friends Close, Friends Casual

I went to a Recreation Department meeting with the intriguing name “Friends Circle” to find out more. Present were a couple of hands full of familiar vocal residents and we had a good get together.

We talked about different types of friends starting with old friends close to us.

When a friend is really close you unabashedly ask a favour and get an immediately positive response, and you can rely on the request not being gossiped to others.

To replace previous friendships as we become residents we often need to make new, initially casual, friends. 

We are now all “oldies” and we are separated from many of the close friends from a former life.

Time to make casual friends, some turning in time to becoming close friends. There are of course just gossips with conversations built on “he said” & “she said”. These are just enjoyable talks (Hey, we are humans) not friendships as meant here whether casual or close.

Residents of long term care homes are often lonely people. A regularly meeting Friendship Circle is good to have.




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