Safety First at Crescent Park

Whenever there is a safety incident a security programme comes into effect. This important subject was discussed at our resident council that was held today. We learned that as much goes on behind the scenes as appears up front.

If there is a safety issue and some residents leave the property they are tagged and noted so that staff don’t spend time looking for them in the lodge. A record is kept too of medications and these are given on time by our staff in other welcoming nursing homes. (There are probably several nursing homes taking them in as each can only take a few). Residents will see familiar medical staff & PSW’s.

 Wow! what organisation & the list goes on.

Facilities are periodically checked for working of installed fire doors and other devices there to conform to regulations. There are regular preparations involving the local fire department & lodge staff who have check lists to help in their routine.

Regularly residents and staff go through mock catastrophies to be sure all are ready & trained for real ones. The list is long. Preparations are worthwhile!

Residents at Crescent Park are well looked after.

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