Education, Mental V Physical Strength

over 4 years

Mental strength, because you’ll never get physically strong without mental strength.

seven profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength though both would be nice.

MyIncomeHelper profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength. Physical would be a nice plus, but being mentally strong can get you through some very tough situations in life. The power of the mind is incredibly strong.

pc1976 profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength is most important because before you die you will experience many things that only mental strength will get you through.

Ryder profile photo
over 4 years

Mental if used properly will beat physical every time. In the military I had outstanding physical strength but it took mental strength to successfully get through some of the training we were subjected to.

dezsyi profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength is the internal power that controls the external power. Its like the circuit breaker thats keeps everything running or in power. If a person has control and knows how to use the circuit the power will always be on or ongoing. Say all the power goes out it, if a person doesnt have that internal power which is the ” circuit breaker ” than there would or be “power” or Strength to.keep anything running or on so to speak.

sa_smiles profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength cuz if you are an overly strong person you need some mental control. And if you are a very weak person you need mental strength to help you be stronger. And mental strength is really what keeps you going with any goal or journey you are on so I think mental is the greater of the two.

clayg62 profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength because that’s what keeps you motivated. I hope I stated this right.

morenita profile photo
over 4 years

Well, I personally feel that if a person has mental strength, they can use this strength to promote physical strength; if that makes sense.


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