The human race is just that, we humans whether in society, in hospital, or as us in a nursing home we are the usual mix of good-indifferent-bad. Quietly obedient-indifferent-bossy.

Yes, very occasionally there is a usually harmless altercation. Staff are aware that such an event can happen anytime (no, being on staff in an old folks nursing home is no easy-as-it-looks task) and thank goodness amongst the many “How are you today” & the polite “Did you sleep well” & the medication presenting nurses staff are always alert staffers keeping a look out for a patient promoting trouble.

Many patients though do kindly things (staff caring for patients who, being human beings, are never fully predictable stay alert for all possibilities). Patients who can walk take to pushing one in a wheelchair or helping in many ways. All of this is dangerous as there can be accidental falls. With these and similar events staff are prepared and ready to take action always succeeding in doing so in a kindly way. Remember that this was a kindly act of the patient.

We are all part of our little community & act accordingly.

Staff are not just picked-up untrained. At all levels they are professionals who also do caring work & many menial tasks. Thank you all staff.




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