(AI a )Canadian Future?

Do you listen when the Globe & Mail prophecies something? I know I do & they just said…

See: Globe & Mail

Amazingly, the technology at the heart of these breakthroughs, Deep Learning, was largely developed in Canada. In fact, many of the world’s AI leaders in both academia and at the world’s most advanced technology companies – Google, Facebook, Apple, Open AI – came through the machine learning lab in the computer science department at the University of Toronto as PhD students, postdoctoral fellows or faculty.

I can’t say too often that in my mind there is real AI based on technology that we humans cannot understand and a lot of eye catching stuff where we do understand the technology but the machines are faster, possibly multi-tasking too. I reject the sweeping claims of (AI)? where humans can understand the driving technology.

Important though to Canada is to be an acknowledged leader in education, all education but especially STEM which embraces all Science skills, physical & desk.

When talking to family about the future of grandkids we stress good learning.

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