Such Luxury We Enjoy

Whoa say you is not this lodge a little old, old fashioned and run down? Are resident accommodation fees a little less than in more modern quarters. Yes & yes I say.

Crescent Park Lodge is where we are and it is A Lodge With A Heart.

All of the above & I say we are lucky. Patients in many countries, even places in this country have no access to a nearby lodge, and don’t define nearby as easy walking distance for many. Accessible using the family car that we expect to have. Wow!

Amenities that of a long term care lodge here aren’t available in many countries.

What about the medical care & hospitals close by. All I can say is that there was a friend of another country who went to the famous xxx hospital in Houston and was given the same treatment I received here for the same operation requiring ailment I had here.

Southern Ontario, a good place to be if you need medical care & hospital treatment.

Luxury in features & actions that really count. The small inconveniences? Don’t Sweat.


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