Loneliness Gone

Once was a time, not too long ago, that residents in long term care homes had no electronic marvels like the telephone and TV and the marvellous cellphone. Then we had to rely on visitors, often very difficult for them. In those times we usually had to take advantage of living in a community and working together for social contact. It worked partly.

In an even earlier time of course we had no long term care homes and there are many countries that still do not. As to these I know nothing.

Today we all enjoy some form of electronic contact as everyone having a home has at least a phone. All long term care homes in Canada are equipped with a communal phone or possibly residents have telephonic connection from their own living quarters. Count your blessings.

Then there is TV access which is always available in a common room or individually. Count your blessings.

Using God given powers of thought the Ontario ministry has decreed that all long term care homes have an informed and active Re-creation staff. Count your blessings.

Thank you Mom for giving me that idea. Count your blessings.



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