Shake Hands & Say NO Extinction

In both U.S. and Canada a lot of chatter is being made in the press about hand shakes by leaders! Seemingly public handshakes and glorious details and methods of action accompanied by elaborate photographs have become an important part of political life.

Apparently the public must understand how to interpret all the techniques used by leaders and would be leaders.

Meanwhile we, the general public, are being warned by researchers of impending extinction of human life for the sixth time on planet earth. Very quietly are we hearing of probable extinction of human life on planet earth. It is as if our leaders don’t want they or we talking about.

Talk though this public member will. Talk and listen about ways to avoid this latest extinction because this time round I think humanity has developed sufficiently to be able to avoid it.

Crescent Park Lodge, the home With a Heart. 

Yes, and we do want our grandkids and their kids ad infinitum to be around to enjoy it. So we don’t avoid TALKING about it. No we embrace the idea and set about taking the right steps. We can do it!


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