Jobs for grandkids ?

To start with, I have to write that I strongly support all the things I have said about good education for our grandkids.

I am convinced that planet earth will have jobs a plenty for those well educated & equally so for work in this advanced N. America. What then about jobs in Canada? locally? Oh dear. Not so sure. Oh dear.

Sustainable global population is a third of present. Ottawa says that Canadian population is planned to grow, also Ontario. Confused? Me too. The Canadian government in Ottawa accepts that Global population has to go down, down. All this can only mean a shift in the distribution of global population.

Alright then. Ontario population is being planned to grow and Canadian population is planned to grow and this can only mean, hurrah, more jobs. Who are the employers? Not my concern & I am not into that kind of guessing other than to think Canadian would be employers are very venturesome folk.

Don’t forget that if the population here is to grow we will have immigrants. As to the indigenous population, I read that it is both growing fast & also, hurrah, vastly improving its education

All that I say about Population is me only doing my best guess.



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