Energy Unsmilingly

I regularly watch videos where the clever ones purport to tell us simple minded folk all sorts of things discovered. We find as we watch expectant that there is only a partial telling because the clever ones at some point in their story get around to admitting that there is still much to learn.

That is alright at my end because I firmly believe that there is a point in the telling when we have to hand over to religion and admit that us poor minded though clever-in-our- group humans will never know.

I used to think that I knew the point beyond where human kind could not go. In those days I laughed to myself when people would go round and round endeavoring to explain energy.

More recently I stopped at quantum entanglement which makes me think “Not so smart am I”.  Though when I see these videos with irrelevant calculus filled chalk boards alongside as if to say “We know things you don’t” I give a little “Grr”. I become unsmiling.

So soon as I have chance I will order some books in the “For Dummies” series then I will smile again.

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