Confused, well perhaps you are not but I am so I looked to find the difference….

North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA and World Trade Organization or WTO are trade related entities and are considered to be the most powerful in trade matters.

While WTO pertains to the whole globe, NAFTA is just related to North American region. NAFTA is a treaty that has been signed among the US, Canada and Mexico. This trilateral treaty came into force on January one, 1994 and it superseded the Canada United States Free Trade Agreement.

Read more: Difference Between WTO and NAFTA | Difference Between http://www.differencebetween.net/business/difference-between-wto-and-nafta/#ixzz5NaXaHd6D

So there!

There are websites for all sorts of things now and I even find that there is one that tells the meaning of anagrams.

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