This blog is for us all a waste of time if it merely tells us that we wont survive¬† on earth. Don’t worry as I believe it will show us how we will survive. I will devote part of this blog to that.

Primarily this blog is about COSMIC MATTER (Which is an ambitious all particles).

My name for the blog, “smiledarnyou.blog”¬† is because I think that Cosmic Matter is for us living creatures happy stuff.

As a layman I have an insatiable curiosity for cosmic matter of all kinds. I used to think that clever researchers would find plausible answers to the many unknowns up to the God level then I started to hear of quantum entanglement at which point the God level came to have a whole new meaning to me & now I sit back & observe quelling some of my curiosity.

Dylan Thomas wrote “Times They Are A’Changin”. They are & Important to living today is the STEAM education initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Strength, a good thing to have, is no longer enough in our future. We do encourage this move to more & use Steam for all humankind

As I am but an ignorant layman I include quality references so readers can easily go to the works of acknowledged clever ones. These references though do change or will be omitted entirely by the originator after a while. Depending on the policy of the originator a would be viewer from here may have to subscribe to gain access even now.

A problem that any would be analyst and writer attempting to deal with is that we face a moving target. Solutions of the day are often invalidated by solutions of the future. I intend to try to deal with these changes in a way that is not confusing by relating the changed effect to time. A difficult subject to tackle but I will try (this should be fun if I don’t mess it up & I will try & post as long as I am able).

I ignore the oft posited thought of earth life becoming extinct & letting those aliens we have not found (whom we say must exist) take over. In taking this action I do accept as fact that near life extinctions have taken place but I honestly believe that we have now advanced technically to the point of scraping ahead if we are just sensible on balance. We will be.

As posts are made & as time goes by humans will have to find a way to make earth life sustainable. To do this many items have to be reduced.

I accept that I may not still be alive & mentally competent before I can finish. I reject the “can’t be bothered to try” attitude. Many times have I been made aware that “Times Are A’Changin” & fast too. Physical strength that once was so important to having a good job is today much less so. What is becoming important is a technical education although physical strength is still an asset.

This is a very confusing blog & so from time to time I do a post titled NEXT which is my attempt to explain away the confusion.