This blog is about long term care (LTC) in Canadian Nursing and Family Homes.

Canada being a large country traverses tightly occupied areas to complete wilderness areas. The climate compared to global is cold to very cold and includes three oceans. There are many peoples mixed in of which the aboriginals are important to Canada. (John Ralston Saul tells us in his 2014 book The Comeback that the aboriginals are growing in population at a rate that will not see their extinction but the majority in Canada).

As a consequence to the growing and varied origin of the population the needs for long term care vary widely in the methods of delivery and so the writing of this blog.  There is emphasis on Ontario province and primary attention is given to nursing homes where the writer is resident. It is impossible not to mention family homes along the way . All provinces and territories are covered.

The writer is resident in an Ontario long term care nursing home since 2015, Crescent Park Lodge, Fort Erie Ontario (CPL). He came to Canada from northern England  in  January 1954.

In passing, interests of mine that I place in the public domain for others to read & comment on are written about as other blogs that grow & change with time. I author “smiledarnyou.blog” & “cosmicmatter.blog”.