Take Me To A(yes A) Moon

We only know of one planet in our universe that harbours life: Earth. So it’s logical that humanity has focused its search for life beyond our world on planetary bodies. But a new study suggests that we may be leaving out a larger chunk of the cosmos: moons.

From there, the researchers determined how many of those planets might have just one moon, arriving at 121.

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Defence Spending

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to attend the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels, U.S. President Donald Trump is calling on Canada to meet the alliance’s defence spending targets.

In the June 19 letter, Trump says there is “growing frustration” in the United States with North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies like Canada that have not increased defence spending as promised.

“This frustration is not confined to our executive branch. The United States Congress has taken note and is concerned as well,” reads the letter, first reported by iPolitics. The Canadian Press has confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

“The United States is increasingly unwilling to ignore this Alliance’s failure to meet shared security challenges,” Trump writes.

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Owch! A pesky Non Earth Object (NEO)

NASA is playing an important part & tells us also about the global countries effort…

International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) — a group of asteroid-tracking astronomers and observatories around the world — to help facilitate the sharing of observations and other useful data about NEOs.

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Not the drug but the rate.

Why does the word ARTIFICIAL scare? Simple & in one word SPEED. When clever humans set about a computing task all the parts have appeared using organic parts. The atoms grouped & used by Mother Nature are organic assemblies. When humans create an assembly they use human input that employs inorganic parts &, although that was not the object a useful side effect is SPEED, Fast! Unwittingly we have a result that is preferred because of speed (we like speed especially inorganic speed that we don’t have to perform ourselves). Well that is how this layman sees things.

We crave for the new & fast. We crave for the artificial inorganic & in getting it we fear that we have provided the inorganic assemblies a route toward taking over. Oh dear.

Let us now remember that humans come in three flavors. Good, Bad, Indifferent.

We have a problem. One more. We are good at solving problems & we will surely solve one more. Sadly lives may be lost unnecessarily because humans come in three flavors.


Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.

Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute. Max……

Most Difficult

Times ARE A’Changin. As we move into an Earth Planet & soon to be Earth Colony we humans have advanced also to having artificial intelligence & augmented intelligence.

These subjects & projecting into the future are of utmost difficulty & will be the most error prone subjects yet. I once said to a colleague that I was overwhelmed. His reply was “Nonsense, we are still here”. So I intend to continue & will start by thinking & writing about the ethical questions &z comments of the World Economic Council. Good Folk ALL!