Energy Unsmilingly

I regularly watch videos where the clever ones purport to tell us simple minded folk all sorts of things discovered. We find as we watch expectant that there is only a partial telling because the clever ones at some point in their story get around to admitting that there is still much to learn.

That is alright at my end because I firmly believe that there is a point in the telling when we have to hand over to religion and admit that us poor minded though clever-in-our- group humans will never know.

I used to think that I knew the point beyond where human kind could not go. In those days I laughed to myself when people would go round and round endeavoring to explain energy.

More recently I stopped at quantum entanglement which makes me think “Not so smart am I”.  Though when I see these videos with irrelevant calculus filled chalk boards alongside as if to say “We know things you don’t” I give a little “Grr”. I become unsmiling.

So soon as I have chance I will order some books in the “For Dummies” series then I will smile again.

Cosmic Matter

Earth is but a small Solar star planet on the wing of one galaxy in the Milky way galaxy of stars.

There are many more stars in the Milky Way galaxy & the Milky Way is but one of the galaxies in this Universe. There may be more Universes. We don’t know.

All matter as we define is Cosmic Matter. Ergo I am including all matter. (Brave!).

With all that territory we say there must be other life. Alien life. So far we haven’t found any. Don’t feel bad for as we will come to see there are many reasons.

We have & will be obsessed with Planet Earth which for a while to come will be our home but we will now start to include posts on Cosmic Matter.