World Wildlife

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was the subject of an April Resident discussion led by Sherry of Recreation. Wildlife needs protecting against extinction as it contributes in so many ways to human life on earth. We want to help the WWF and even though we don’t have much to spare this lodge does.

Wherever one looks there are wilderness lands being used to build for humans and reducing the space formerly the habitat of wildlife but equally important is the haphazard provision by humans of food and inadvertent impact on wildlife of creatures becoming unable to find natural food on their own. Fortunately the WWF staff and volunteers know what to do.

We learned about wildlife and people of the world. A good discussion.




Action from past Memories

When but a child aged three I first noticed and asked about the paintings on the living room wall of my grandparents home. Canada I was told was depicted and the furry large cattle-like animals, were buffalo. In the parlour book case was a book, complete with wood cuts titled “Settlers in Canada”. Being so young I didn’t spare a second thought.

Nowadays, settled in Canada myself since 1953, I can’t help thinking they had many years ago thought of moving here. They didn’t but I did along with my bride to be.

When I was seven my parents bought me an encyclopedia for children. There was a chapter describing the wonders of Canada. For me that was a clincher and I decided that when I grew older I would emigrate here. As you can discern I did, in fact spent my whole working life happily living and raising my family here.

My wife to be and I entered Canada at the end of 1953 determined that over time we would travel all this vast country from east coast to west coast and north/south too. We were lucky to be able to do just that.


Fall-Pushed (Which?)

No wonder folk, seniors like us, “Can’t be bothered”. We are surrounded by eye catching headlines that forecast things like species extinction. Others surround us with equally eye catching headlines saying things like continuation of the same species guaranteed and all the soothsayers on both sides being qualified researchers.

Faced with these conflicting stories I often want to dig deeper but it is equally ok in my opinion to say “Can’t be bothered”, a normal reaction whenever we become confused. So “Can’t be bothered” it often is.

What then about (1) Global Warming. (2) Potable water demand exceeding world supply. (3) Runaway population growth. These are just a few of the eye catchers.

Since none of us residents in Crescent Park Lodge is an accredited research expert we are genuinely confused. Being confused and not having any way out it is easy to understand that we “Can’t be bothered”.

Did she fall or was she pushed?

Residents Goodbyes

Some Residents will stay here and then pass on. For many their family & close friends will want to hold a vigil and here at Crescent Park Lodge we have the complimentary facilities in place to provide one.

Crescent Park Lodge has an EOL (End of Life) vigil

When needed we provide Family and the closest friends with room & provisions to hold a vigil appropriate to their Christian denomination.

The Home With A Heart.

We offer the use of comfortable chairs, blankets, refreshments & if needed Recreation here can contact the correct denomination to ask for a qualified person to come and administer the Last Rites.

This is a service of Crescent Park Lodge.

The Lodge is pleased to have the EOL program on behalf of Residents here & we do gladly channel donations to EOL as offered.



It’s For The Birds

It was an optimistic group of residents and recreation who met with the intention of adding a bird group now that spring is coming (all pray).

“It’s for the birds” is the name we have given  to the group of residents who will put & regularly fill bird feeders in our garden.

We are hoping to attract a variety of local birds to feed and perhaps build nests nearby this spring.

Included in the feed there will be special nectar for humming birds, a variety we want to watch. We have contacted the humming bird society to make sure we get a good formula for the feed nectar.

In this area, which is close to being the most favourable in all Canada there should be a wide variety of bird species coming, some stay permanently here and others are here seasonally. Spring is the season when birds mate and produce young to be born and grow.

We intend to do well, but whether we do or not we intend to keep posting our progress at key times for you to follow. Wish us luck in this venture.

Residents & Kin Care

Crescent Park Lodge The Home With A Heart

Yes we do.    Here we are well cared for in the Home With A Heart & we care for others.

Some families in the Fort Erie area are without a home, have little food & insufficient clothes.

Without very much to care with ourselves we still care for others in our area & so, although we have little to give we do send  necessities of life to the impoverished.

Residents & their families here respond to the needs of local charities.

Every little helps & local charities need & use well all the help they can get. I am amazed at what we here can do, it shows that we really live by this home’s motto. We can give ourselves a pat on the back!

When local charities appeal we help with clothes, food & any cash we can spare.

Up for the day & Ready,MM MM

The Home With A Heart.

Yesterday after being told that I would not get my regular Monday shower because there would be no shower person another PSW came forward and gave one.

Today a PSW I haven’t had to get me up before came in to get me washed & ready to be up & into my wheelchair all bright & early, in time I add to write this blog before breakfast.

We worked together well, the PSW and I, so here I am busy tapping away & meanwhile wondering what the day will bring,

One more proof that This IS The Home With A Heart.

As all Home Residents know there is nothing to beat starting the day ready for breakfast & in a good frame of mind.

Crescent Park Lodge, The Home With A Heart