Tulips + Men Club + We Care

These are wooden tulips that when finished will be sold in the Residents bazaar. We get them at a very low price, unfinished from Pastor Ramor’s husband Alvin. Our job is to sand and varnish them ready for sale. The proceeds go to our Recreation fund.

Our Recreation fund is used for things WE CARE ABOUT. And Care we do, about others outside who need help. The poor, the homeless, relatives of residents here who are passing on and need respite accommodation etc.

Thankyou resident men club.

Count Your Blessings

Residents in long term care nursing homes pass some time reminiscing to themselves about the good times and bad times of former life.

My suggestion is not to dwell on the many small and often bad times of former life with family but instead think of the major and good times we enjoyed. Bet everyone has family good times to think about and re-enjoy in our minds.

So when alone try Counting the Good Times enjoyed with family and re-live them in our minds.

Adenovirus not likely vaccination 2018 included

I do not know whether we should be concerned about this potential risk and not being the scaremongering type I will not write about it in a concerned way but I do feel it necessary to pass on my reading…..

“On the basis of the severity of the clinical presentation of some cases in this study, the (adenovirus) vaccine currently licensed for military use should be considered a potentially valuable resource to prevent disease in susceptible populations living in closed communities, such as college settings, summer camps, and long-term care facilities,” they wrote in a report published this week in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Outsider Donates to Men’s Club

As we prepare for bazaar days the men’s club under direction from the Recreation Department gets to work. Right now thanks to outsider Alvin, pastor Raymor’s  husband, our men’s club is sanding and varnishing the many wooden hearts he gave us.

Quite unique the wooden hearts cut from one inch thick pine are each supplied as paired that require of us only to be finished before being put on sale in our bazaar.

Thank you Alvin.

Canada Still Growing

Canada’s population increased to 35,151,728 largely driven by growth in the West, according to 2016 census data .

The country’s population has grown five per cent since the last census in 2011, when it was at 33.5 million, the highest rate of growth among G7 countries. However, the growth rate declined from the 5.9 per cent increase recorded in 2011.

About two-thirds of the increase recorded in 2016 was due to net immigration into the country, while the rest was from new births.

Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Starting April 1, the prices for nearly 70 of the most commonly prescribed generic drugs will be discounted by up to 90 per cent off the price of the equivalent brand-name drugs . Over five years, the initiative is expected to generate savings of up to $3 billion for public drug plans.

What does this mean to Residents? We can expect nursing home doctors to prescribe these drugs more freely.