Must Come A Time

Well, after all, most are Long Term Care Residents and there does come a time when we pass over.

Pass over of a resident at Crescent Park Lodge is a dignified occasion

As a Christian Home we house all Christian Denominations and when called on Residents of other faiths too. Each deserves and receives dignity and care according to their faith.

To augment our already good facilities we have added an End Of Life program with appropriate defined vigil care.

On request to Recreation from family and management Crescent Park Lodge provides the grieving family with comfortable housing, refreshments and the necessities of life. An appropriate cleric is contacted to come here and administer last rites.

Recreation provides a trolley loaded with snacks, warm coverings etc. from which visitors can self-help.


Long Term Care Homes have the great advantage of bringing skilled professionals and equipment together where they are needed.  They bring with them also the disadvantage that residents are easily victim of the regular epidemics, called outbreaks, that spread rapidly despite all the stringent precautions taken.

One of the annoying but effective counter measures used, which irked but thoughtful residents appreciate, is isolation & where necessary gowns etc. worn by visiting staff. These actions initiated by the medical staff in a timely manner do a great deal in preventing an outbreak and the many inconveniences to all that outbreaks incur.

Whenever there are outbreaks outside appointments are cancelled & these are often made months ahead etc. Residents all appreciate the precautions taken & hopefully the ones in isolation understand.