Such Luxury We Enjoy

Whoa say you is not this lodge a little old, old fashioned and run down? Are resident accommodation fees a little less than in more modern quarters. Yes & yes I say.

Crescent Park Lodge is where we are and it is A Lodge With A Heart.

All of the above & I say we are lucky. Patients in many countries, even places in this country have no access to a nearby lodge, and don’t define nearby as easy walking distance for many. Accessible using the family car that we expect to have. Wow!

Amenities that of a long term care lodge here aren’t available in many countries.

What about the medical care & hospitals close by. All I can say is that there was a friend of another country who went to the famous xxx hospital in Houston and was given the same treatment I received here for the same operation requiring ailment I had here.

Southern Ontario, a good place to be if you need medical care & hospital treatment.

Luxury in features & actions that really count. The small inconveniences? Don’t Sweat.


Montessori Visits Help Us

At Crescent Park Lodge Montessori specialists visit  residents periodically to help them. Silly me! I had thought Montessori was educational help for just children. Live & learn because seniors are also helped using related methods.

In many cases, Montessori activities for the elderly help to keep senior residents happier and more productive while boosting sense of self-worth.

An item on the agenda of yesterday’s activities was “Montessori Visits”. I was puzzled , along with I expect others than those involved, & I determined to find out more.

Apparently Montessori method specialists are able to help needy seniors awaken an innate sense of curiosity that we all have but has to be activated in some.

I too am learning and apparently I am far from knowing all that Crescent Park, the lodge with a (big) heart does for it’s residents

See: Montessori for the Elderly