Residents, Help? – Receive! (1)

Instead of saying “Can’t be bothered”, mentally & vocally capable Ageing Residents here at Crescent Park Lodge¬† are becoming Official Volunteers to mentally help other Ageing Residents. A rare Win-Win situation.

It is a Win-Win situation because givers and receivers are all having their wits sharpened. Rare because there are few occasions where those who give and those who take are both the ones to benefit.

This affair so far is all mental, but wait for it as I will have something to say about physical.

As to Ageing it is probably superfluous here for we all are Ageing. We come here for many possible physical & mental reasons but all here are ageing, alternatively ask Ma Nature.


Not Being Bothered

Hearing someone say “I’m old and can’t be bothered” Say “No, No, No”.

You are old and wise. Much has happened to increase your wisdom of life. Many are the things about living that younger ones can learn. In your past there is much useful knowledge about living to learn and have lives enhanced.
The old one is likely to say “No, No, No. I have nothing to say of value”. They are wrong. Much of value can be said and passed down, why even talking of events that have happened can often be heard as a good new pointer.

Gossip though about things happening now, and whilst a valid but chit chat part in all similar conversations, goes along with those valuable events of the past.

Go along with your talking but never say about a subject “I can’t be bothered” as you have much to offer O’ Wise Old One.

Ageism – Bah (Advertisers say)

Ageism adverts in 2018 are expected to move in favor of embracing and living a fuller and maturing lifestyle. CoverGirl and agency Droga5, for instance, recently introduced advertising with 69-year-old Maye Musk. L’Oreal and agency McCann continue to feature brand ambassador Helen Mirren.

Down with Prejudicial Ageism. Live to the fullest.