(AI a )Canadian Future?

Do you listen when the Globe & Mail prophecies something? I know I do & they just said…

See: Globe & Mail

Amazingly, the technology at the heart of these breakthroughs, Deep Learning, was largely developed in Canada. In fact, many of the world’s AI leaders in both academia and at the world’s most advanced technology companies – Google, Facebook, Apple, Open AI – came through the machine learning lab in the computer science department at the University of Toronto as PhD students, postdoctoral fellows or faculty.

I can’t say too often that in my mind there is real AI based on technology that we humans cannot understand and a lot of eye catching stuff where we do understand the technology but the machines are faster, possibly multi-tasking too. I reject the sweeping claims of (AI)? where humans can understand the driving technology.

Important though to Canada is to be an acknowledged leader in education, all education but especially STEM which embraces all Science skills, physical & desk.

When talking to family about the future of grandkids we stress good learning.

Good Grandkids. Good employs!

Parents (& Grandparents!) play a pivotal influencing role in their children’s lives, especially on their choices for post-secondary education. According to Let’s Talk Science’s report, 76 percent of student respondents said that parents (& Grandparents!)have the greatest influence on their educational direction, followed by teachers at 24 percent.

“Parents (& Grandparents!) can talk to their kids and get them to realize that they can be empowered through STEM education,” says Bonnie. “They build important skills which are necessary in any job such as critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to communicate.”

Crescent Park, Lodge Residents That Care

Everyday tasks such as making a family meal or taking a bath can be made into a scientific inquiry. Turn cooking into a chemistry experiment, or make this year’s garden a biology project! Encourage parents to foster and engage in this process of learning.

Great Grandkids. Great employs!

Education, Mental V Physical Strength

over 4 years

Mental strength, because you’ll never get physically strong without mental strength.

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over 4 years

Mental strength though both would be nice.

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over 4 years

Mental strength. Physical would be a nice plus, but being mentally strong can get you through some very tough situations in life. The power of the mind is incredibly strong.

pc1976 profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength is most important because before you die you will experience many things that only mental strength will get you through.

Ryder profile photo
over 4 years

Mental if used properly will beat physical every time. In the military I had outstanding physical strength but it took mental strength to successfully get through some of the training we were subjected to.

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over 4 years

Mental strength is the internal power that controls the external power. Its like the circuit breaker thats keeps everything running or in power. If a person has control and knows how to use the circuit the power will always be on or ongoing. Say all the power goes out it, if a person doesnt have that internal power which is the ” circuit breaker ” than there would or be “power” or Strength to.keep anything running or on so to speak.

sa_smiles profile photo
over 4 years

Mental strength cuz if you are an overly strong person you need some mental control. And if you are a very weak person you need mental strength to help you be stronger. And mental strength is really what keeps you going with any goal or journey you are on so I think mental is the greater of the two.

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over 4 years

Mental strength because that’s what keeps you motivated. I hope I stated this right.

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over 4 years

Well, I personally feel that if a person has mental strength, they can use this strength to promote physical strength; if that makes sense.