Robotic Caregivers

In many technologically advanced societies, people are not only living longer, but are also having fewer children. This trend has led to a disproportionately large growth rate of the elderly population relative to the labor force. One proposed solution is to build robotic nurses that will help administer care and support to people in hospitals, care facilities, and homes.

The main challenge in creating robotic nurses is the problem of programming a machine with a reliable set of ethics. A robot nurse will have to make complicated decisions regarding its patients on a daily basis since its function will involve giving advice that will determine the health of human beings, it will need to have an ethical system that will allow it to properly carry out medical agenda while treating patients with respect.

This scenario is an everyday situation that human nurses navigate with ease. The human brain can assess a situation not only based on data that it directly receives through its senses.

Robots are coming, these in the distant future. – See:Robotic Nurses