Jobs for grandkids ?

To start with, I have to write that I strongly support all the things I have said about good education for our grandkids.

I am convinced that planet earth will have jobs a plenty for those well educated & equally so for work in this advanced N. America. What then about jobs in Canada? locally? Oh dear. Not so sure. Oh dear.

Sustainable global population is a third of present. Ottawa says that Canadian population is planned to grow, also Ontario. Confused? Me too. The Canadian government in Ottawa accepts that Global population has to go down, down. All this can only mean a shift in the distribution of global population.

Alright then. Ontario population is being planned to grow and Canadian population is planned to grow and this can only mean, hurrah, more jobs. Who are the employers? Not my concern & I am not into that kind of guessing other than to think Canadian would be employers are very venturesome folk.

Don’t forget that if the population here is to grow we will have immigrants. As to the indigenous population, I read that it is both growing fast & also, hurrah, vastly improving its education

All that I say about Population is me only doing my best guess.



World Population (Oh Dear)

The world population, March 2016 7.4 billion, will increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100. (Wikipedia) At a discussion here we found that population here must be lowered drastically there was a suggestion then that we colonise another planet & move.

Conditions have to be right to develop into living organisms. Then the possibility exists that those simple organisms could evolve into more complex life forms, and perhaps into intelligent beings who could build telescopes to look out into the cosmos and ask the same question as us: “Is anyone else out there?” See: Bob McDonald has a site……

If all 7+ billion of us were to enjoy a European standard of living – 60% the consumption of the average American – the Earth could sustainably support 2 billion people.

Global aquifers are being pumped 3.5 times faster than rainfall recharges them, so they will run dry. Topsoil is lost 10-40 times faster than formed. Feeding 7+ billion of us will become difficult.  Oceans are being overfished, and a primary protein source for over 2 billion people is in jeopardy.  Worldwide, we have lost over half the vertebrate species.

See: 3 Times Sustainable




Going UP!

Residents at Crescent Park Lodge have shown very great interest of the future of their families so I decided to post a blog on prospective future growth in Ontario. Since Sustainable Global population must come down (We are told) to about a third of present in the same period the result is surprising.

Population Projection Ontario

  • Ontario’s population is projected to grow by 30.3 per cent, or more than 4.2 million, over the next 25 years, from an estimated 14.0 million on July 1, 2016 to more than 18.2 million by July 1, 2041.
  • The annual rate of growth of Ontario’s population is projected to ease gradually from 1.8 per cent to 0.8 per cent over the projection period.
  • Net migration is projected to account for 73 per cent of all population growth in the province over the 2016–2041 period, with natural increase accounting for the remaining 27 per cent. In the second half of the projections, the contribution of natural increase moderates as baby boomers increasingly reach senior years and the number of deaths increases more rapidly.
  • The number of seniors aged 65 and over is projected to almost double from 2.3 million, or 16.4 per cent of population, in 2016 to 4.6 million, or 25.0 per cent, by 2041. The growth in the share and number of seniors accelerates over the 2016–2031 period as baby boomers turn age 65. After 2031, the growth in the number of seniors slows significantly.
  • The number of children aged 0–14 is projected to increase gradually over the projection period, from 2.2 million in 2016 to almost 2.7 million by 2041. The children’s share of population is projected to decrease gradually from 15.9 per cent in 2016 to 14.9 per cent by 2041.
  • The number of Ontarians aged 15–64 is projected to increase from 9.5 million in 2016 to 10.9 million by 2041. This age group is projected to decline as a share of total population, declining from 67.8 per cent in 2016 to 60.1 per cent by 2041. As baby boomers continue to turn age 65, the growth in population aged 15–64 slows until 2027–28 and then accelerates over the remainder of the projection.
  • The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is projected to be the fastest growing region of the province, with its population increasing by almost 2.9 million, or 42.3 per cent, to reach
    9.6 million by 2041. The GTA’s share of provincial population is projected to rise from 48.3 per cent in 2016 to 52.7 per cent in 2041.
  • All regions see a shift to an older age structure. The GTA is expected to remain the region with the youngest age structure as a result of strong international migration and positive natural increase.

Wow! It seems there are bound to be more in Nursing Homes.