(AI a )Canadian Future?

Do you listen when the Globe & Mail prophecies something? I know I do & they just said…

See: Globe & Mail

Amazingly, the technology at the heart of these breakthroughs, Deep Learning, was largely developed in Canada. In fact, many of the world’s AI leaders in both academia and at the world’s most advanced technology companies – Google, Facebook, Apple, Open AI – came through the machine learning lab in the computer science department at the University of Toronto as PhD students, postdoctoral fellows or faculty.

I can’t say too often that in my mind there is real AI based on technology that we humans cannot understand and a lot of eye catching stuff where we do understand the technology but the machines are faster, possibly multi-tasking too. I reject the sweeping claims of (AI)? where humans can understand the driving technology.

Important though to Canada is to be an acknowledged leader in education, all education but especially STEM which embraces all Science skills, physical & desk.

When talking to family about the future of grandkids we stress good learning.

Beware Sci-Fi. Hullo AI

We all watch Sci-Fi. Short-cuts are taken to make a good story. Danger though because we come to believe in the short-cuts and we continue to think of what we see as truth.

We see Earth resources running out. When that happens we think “Oh well we’ll simply colonize space” Meanwhile we are a clever race, clever enough to reverse the ongoing rapid population increase. Clever enough to better use the sources we have. Clever enough to have a high standard of living, though not perhaps the same. Clever enough to stop creation of long and degrading wars. Clever enough to do these things in the time it will take to find a solution.

Colonizing Space Will be Hard. Will take perhaps a century to start.

To start with, successful life requires many kinds of creature and they each require to be nourished, they each carry in their frames all kinds of bugs & so on….

Meanwhile we have to scratch our heads and be clever humans. Humans as a race compose themselves of all types of individual, good bad etc. & since we have needed them all  in the past we will need them in the future.

We have to preserve life on earth for more centuries & not be the 6th. extinction

Perhaps we will make good use of  AI to help us.

Earth Day & AI for Human Good

On this two-year anniversary of the Paris climate accord, the world’s government, civic and business leaders are coming together in Paris to discuss one of the most important issues and opportunities of our time, climate change. While the experts’ warnings are dire, technology advances can help us better understand and address the environmental issues facing our planet.

Artificial intelligence may well be a game changer if we use AI so its features and capabilities are put to use by individuals and organizations around the world to improve real-world outcomes. There are few societal areas where AI can be more impactful than in helping address the urgent work needed to monitor, model and manage the earth’s natural systems.

See: AI for Earth

Much is talked about the possible evil effects of AI. Yes being the human race some will construct negative outcomes but time has shown that they will be combatted effectively by human good. There are many potential uses of AI that are positive for mankind.

April 22. Earth Day. Earth where Humans Live & Vow Good for Human Life.

Artificial Intelligence. No.

Yes, we have slipped into a Human Intelligence Age, the natural human consequence of Renaissance Age.

No more silly talk about Artificial Intelligence for this is human started & directed. Instead Human Intelligence set on the right track & controlled by humans. Hurrah!

Unthinking humans have warned us that AI computers will run amok and in turn produce others and go on to make humans their slaves. It could happen.





Bother the Future

As Residents we of ourselves, and rightly, can’t be bothered about the future which will occur after our presence on this earth. We do care though and one of the things we care about are those sometimes nice, sometimes pesky,  grandchildren of ours and our relatives.

The famous folk singer Bob Dylan has just been awarded a Nobel Prize over his song “Times they are a’changin”. Why? Because those clever folk at the Nobel understand this prescience of Bob. One of the things they understand is that human strength alone is not important and that we are moving ahead fast, very fast. So, although we may not be bothered for ourselves we need to push our family to bothered.

Bothered about what? Education that’s what. Think for a moment about artificial intelligence and artificially assisted human intelligence. To rise above the level of mediocrity in our working lives we need to understand how to best use these two and that means effective education. Want to be scared a little? Consider that very soon computers will be able to program computers. Yes good education is fast becoming more important.

Colonized Planet Nursing Home

Here on earth we have realized the importance of long term care homes. Now there is talk of sending a space ship with humans aboard to colonize a far distant planet all of which will take a lot of travel time. Perhaps the humans will be in stasis? Whatever the colonists will need to also build nursing homes.

Meanwhile back on earth those impatient scientists will continue to develop new things including humanoid robots. Folk will want the colonists to know immediately they arrive about all the new things developed on earth. How? Whatever, the colonists will need to know how to build humanoid robots

Sorry folk, as we are finding that just as we cannot comprehend the final questions about our Cosmos so it turns out that we cannot understand Quantum Entanglement that we had hoped to give us FASTER THAN LIGHT COMMUNICATION.

The hope could possibly be realized but how?