Humans be Fittest-Humans Win

On Earth we observe that humans can be classed as being Good or Bad or Indifferent. That is the way we are regardless of definitions. In the path beyond the advent of Artificial Intelligence researchers of all classes will find it in their mutual interest for humans to be always the fittest.

Note well that I am not interesting myself in ethics here & that I am stating simply that no matter which class it is in human interest is to always be fittest.

Yes & although I see many struggles along the way we will always end by being fittest.

Fittest Survive

In terms of the universe it was not long ago that Charles Darwin was saying to the rest of humanity that in terms of developing life Survival Of The Fittest counts.

Humans Have Long Been FITTEST

It is clever humans who have now developed Artificial Intelligence & thus it is clever humans who could be developing a new fittest.

Future Fittest May Not Be Human

Humans are at, what is for them, the most important point, a tipping point where clever humans have developed Artificial Intelligence to become a true life form of its own. A fittest life form. A form that must not be allowed to be an uncontrollable fittest

Will the fittest or the brightest control ?

Fittest is not necessarily Brightest. We have not to look too far around us to find multiple examples of an entity headed by not the brightest. Fit beats Bright always other things being equal.