Residents, Help? – Receive! (1)

Instead of saying “Can’t be bothered”, mentally & vocally capable Ageing Residents here at Crescent Park Lodge  are becoming Official Volunteers to mentally help other Ageing Residents. A rare Win-Win situation.

It is a Win-Win situation because givers and receivers are all having their wits sharpened. Rare because there are few occasions where those who give and those who take are both the ones to benefit.

This affair so far is all mental, but wait for it as I will have something to say about physical.

As to Ageing it is probably superfluous here for we all are Ageing. We come here for many possible physical & mental reasons but all here are ageing, alternatively ask Ma Nature.


Must Come A Time

Well, after all, most are Long Term Care Residents and there does come a time when we pass over.

Pass over of a resident at Crescent Park Lodge is a dignified occasion

As a Christian Home we house all Christian Denominations and when called on Residents of other faiths too. Each deserves and receives dignity and care according to their faith.

To augment our already good facilities we have added an End Of Life program with appropriate defined vigil care.

On request to Recreation from family and management Crescent Park Lodge provides the grieving family with comfortable housing, refreshments and the necessities of life. An appropriate cleric is contacted to come here and administer last rites.

Recreation provides a trolley loaded with snacks, warm coverings etc. from which visitors can self-help.

Residents Who Care to Volunteer

Crescent Park describes itself as “The Lodge That Cares”

The Volunteers Certainly Do

Many Residents here receive and rely on that extra loving comfort provided by Resident volunteers and Family volunteers, extra helping hands appreciated by our staff.

This afternoon we are having a Resident meeting and celebratory discussion with the Resident volunteers.

In advance of the meeting we want Volunteers to know that their work  and efforts have been appreciated by all here  over the past year and we thank them very much.

Some of our Residents cannot verbally express their gratitude but others here know from the attitude of these residents following a visit by volunteers that the visit was enjoyed.

At the meeting Recreation held a thorough discussion and then listed the various Resident volunteers forthcoming commitments. A long list it is.

Our Family Adolescents-Mentally

A few days ago I was happy to write about a visit to our lodge of a group of army cadets. Sadly I am going now to write about the action to take following the killing of some 14 students in Parkland school in Florida, an incident much commented on including comment to the effect that we should not have cadet units for adolescents of school age.

I believe that the concept of having military cadet units attached to high schools is a good thing. I also believe that all adolescent educational institutions must undertake regular examinations of mental health with reports to parents and school authorities by qualified persons as a necessary precaution.

When adolescents are growing up, attending school, it is the very important and serious responsibility of school staff to observe pupils and take good care of both the physical and mental qualities of those in their care who will become our future.

We love our families, we hire qualified people to care and be responsible for them.

Council Clips NO

Now my children are by no means hostile to me. In fact they jump right in phoning  CPL if ever I even mention any complaint about my care. Like many children they are otherwise a bit lazy though.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to get only one brief reply from one sibling when I floated the idea of Council Clips with them.

Council Clips?

I am told by Recreation that getting family representatives out to family council meetings is difficult for them in this day and age when many wives go out to work and many are likely doing shifts.

To help overcome this problem and make an easy written formal communication possible there is a suggestion that along with a report of the key points (called say Council Clips) of family council meetings Recreation includes an invitation for family recipients to write in any suggestions they have.

Something to think and talk about.

Educate GRANDkids they do help US

Everyone hates taxes consequently grandkids entering the workforce are haters of tax. Residents hate tax yet a part of the grandkids tax money subsidises our long term care so we do not hate THAT  part of the tax because it benefits us! Good reason to better educate GRANDkids.

Education is much more than mental skill it is also physical skill. Physical skill is much more than strength. We use physical skill when we paint a picture and so on. We can do well at these physical things like painting without being strong.

It must help telling our visiting relatives to push them into becoming voices in favour of seeing that our GRANDkids get the best education.


Good education of our children helps us all.