Count Your Blessings

Residents in long term care nursing homes pass some time reminiscing to themselves about the good times and bad times of former life.

My suggestion is not to dwell on the many small and often bad times of former life with family but instead think of the major and good times we enjoyed. Bet everyone has family good times to think about and re-enjoy in our minds.

So when alone try Counting the Good Times enjoyed with family and re-live them in our minds.

Aboriginal Long Term Care – 1

See: Aboriginal Long Term Care Homes See: Govcan Home & Community Care Program

Aboriginal families tend to stick together for those living off reserve and are together for those on reserve. Like all of us when we live very close by our families we want to care for them at a family home if possible.

Long Term Care Nursing Homes

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Cellphone Please

Plenty of residents are unable to get in touch regularly with their loved ones and friends. Enter the cellphone. Simple cellphones are much cheaper these days and those outside LTC homes often have them (something we note regularly, seeing most visitors with cellphones).

So get a cheap used cellphone. With a cellphone and text messages one can drop a message to someone outside easily. Even to a group all at once with just one button press  and the typing just needs one finger.

Robots in LTC Nursing Homes – 1

A robot of any shape or size working on an assembly line in a factory is a difficult but by no means impossible appliance to construct and many are successfully built. With due precautions to protect the humans working alongside them.

Training humans to work safely alongside robots is no easy task as well as proper programming for the robots themselves.

Next then to robots serving humans and specifically humans resident in long term care nursing homes. To perform such duties successfully robots have to perform allotted duties whilst not harming either residents or staff. Moreover and unlike a robot on an assembly line such robots must satisfactorily perform  multiple services.

When I think, if at all, of human employees doing various jobs I think of them as very simple. NO NO NO not simple for well instructed robots simple though for human employees (no wonder their union demands adequacy)

Very brave then for some German technicians who have taken on the task.

See: Service Bots

Robot Safety – Comprehensive

Many people keep pet dogs and yet  there are recorded cases of pet dogs killing people. The risk is judged by pet dog owners to be a very slight one and so usually ignored. Dogs, it seems,  have nature build into their brains a firm instruction that they don’t injure humans.

In the case of humanoid robots, they start with emptiness in their programs and need have built into these programmes instructions that make it impossible to harm humans and many life forms in any way.

We protect ourselves against informed use injury in the gadgets we employ regularly (humanoid robots is about to be one class) by setting up standards associations manned by competent staff and appropriate skilled volunteers. Such will be necessary and have the power of law when we come to want to use humanoid robots.

Much research is being done into the structure of humanoid robots. We need to be sure this is matched with appropriate standards that are backed by law.


Yes Hermione, Humanoid Robots

Regardless of the application area, one of the common problems tackled in humanoid robotics is the understanding of human-like information processing and the underlying mechanisms of the human brain in dealing with the real world.

Ambitious goals have been set for future humanoid robotics. They are expected to serve as companions and assistants for humans in daily life.

See: Humanoid Robots Association