Must Come A Time

Well, after all, most are Long Term Care Residents and there does come a time when we pass over.

Pass over of a resident at Crescent Park Lodge is a dignified occasion

As a Christian Home we house all Christian Denominations and when called on Residents of other faiths too. Each deserves and receives dignity and care according to their faith.

To augment our already good facilities we have added an End Of Life program with appropriate defined vigil care.

On request to Recreation from family and management Crescent Park Lodge provides the grieving family with comfortable housing, refreshments and the necessities of life. An appropriate cleric is contacted to come here and administer last rites.

Recreation provides a trolley loaded with snacks, warm coverings etc. from which visitors can self-help.

Our Family Adolescents-Mentally

A few days ago I was happy to write about a visit to our lodge of a group of army cadets. Sadly I am going now to write about the action to take following the killing of some 14 students in Parkland school in Florida, an incident much commented on including comment to the effect that we should not have cadet units for adolescents of school age.

I believe that the concept of having military cadet units attached to high schools is a good thing. I also believe that all adolescent educational institutions must undertake regular examinations of mental health with reports to parents and school authorities by qualified persons as a necessary precaution.

When adolescents are growing up, attending school, it is the very important and serious responsibility of school staff to observe pupils and take good care of both the physical and mental qualities of those in their care who will become our future.

We love our families, we hire qualified people to care and be responsible for them.

Educate GRANDkids they do help US

Everyone hates taxes consequently grandkids entering the workforce are haters of tax. Residents hate tax yet a part of the grandkids tax money subsidises our long term care so we do not hate THAT  part of the tax because it benefits us! Good reason to better educate GRANDkids.

Education is much more than mental skill it is also physical skill. Physical skill is much more than strength. We use physical skill when we paint a picture and so on. We can do well at these physical things like painting without being strong.

It must help telling our visiting relatives to push them into becoming voices in favour of seeing that our GRANDkids get the best education.


Good education of our children helps us all.

Count Your Blessings

Residents in long term care nursing homes pass some time reminiscing to themselves about the good times and bad times of former life.

My suggestion is not to dwell on the many small and often bad times of former life with family but instead think of the major and good times we enjoyed. Bet everyone has family good times to think about and re-enjoy in our minds.

So when alone try Counting the Good Times enjoyed with family and re-live them in our minds.

Cellphone Please

Plenty of residents are unable to get in touch regularly with their loved ones and friends. Enter the cellphone. Simple cellphones are much cheaper these days and those outside LTC homes often have them (something we note regularly, seeing most visitors with cellphones).

So get a cheap used cellphone. With a cellphone and text messages one can drop a message to someone outside easily. Even to a group all at once with just one button press  and the typing just needs one finger.

Fam Residents?

Yesterday I alluded to the fact that many families here are super. Now I am writing about those residents who are able. What about them?

Well it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of pushing, here goes……

Each day I see visitors arriving. What a good time to talk about the visitors children and the present and future importance of a good modern education. Authorities are now providing it and our offspring need it in this rapidly advancing world in which strength coupled with knowledge counts.

Come on, be an able FAM resident. Take an interest in your family’s future. If you do you are certain to be rewarded.


Some of the families of Residents at Crescent Park Lodge are in my opinion FAM. They are forward looking and want the family children  to succeed in this Augmented Intelligence and Artificial intelligence age that we are into, moving into fast, whether we like it or not. In this 21st. century age human strength though still a factor is much less so than in the 20th. century.

Gone are the days that we could bask in the sole glory that our offspring were strong and healthy. We are into the age where our children need a good education as well to prosper. We see to it that children today receive the education that served us but on top of that whatever they need now.