Good Grandkids. Good employs!

Parents (& Grandparents!) play a pivotal influencing role in their children’s lives, especially on their choices for post-secondary education. According to Let’s Talk Science’s report, 76 percent of student respondents said that parents (& Grandparents!)have the greatest influence on their educational direction, followed by teachers at 24 percent.

“Parents (& Grandparents!) can talk to their kids and get them to realize that they can be empowered through STEM education,” says Bonnie. “They build important skills which are necessary in any job such as critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to communicate.”

Crescent Park, Lodge Residents That Care

Everyday tasks such as making a family meal or taking a bath can be made into a scientific inquiry. Turn cooking into a chemistry experiment, or make this year’s garden a biology project! Encourage parents to foster and engage in this process of learning.

Great Grandkids. Great employs!