Renovation from Chaos

Residents were reminded recently of the noteworthy events in care that took place over the past year when we had our annual inservice meeting where Rose of Management here came to go over the key happenings in  this old lodge.

The main event was actually a non-event that took place a while ago when the lodge owners gave notice of intention to move all from this outdated lodge to one to be built in Niagara Falls. This non-event which is so far unapproved and which has been opposed by some caused uncertainty & chaos among all here.

Rose told us that faced with the delays management here has acted to carry out the important inevitably occurring major renovations here and these are already underway. Minor repairs are in progress as usual on behalf of residents.

Thank you Rose for your comprehensive annual inservice review



Residents Who Care to Volunteer

Crescent Park describes itself as “The Lodge That Cares”

The Volunteers Certainly Do

Many Residents here receive and rely on that extra loving comfort provided by Resident volunteers and Family volunteers, extra helping hands appreciated by our staff.

This afternoon we are having a Resident meeting and celebratory discussion with the Resident volunteers.

In advance of the meeting we want Volunteers to know that their work  and efforts have been appreciated by all here  over the past year and we thank them very much.

Some of our Residents cannot verbally express their gratitude but others here know from the attitude of these residents following a visit by volunteers that the visit was enjoyed.

At the meeting Recreation held a thorough discussion and then listed the various Resident volunteers forthcoming commitments. A long list it is.

Chaperoning Resident Council

Yesterday we had a Resident Council Meeting. The meetings are chaperoned by an employee from Recreation.

We started with a quorum and one to spare but as usual a resident left early. Ok we still had a quorum. Then the roommate of this partner also decided to leave. Woops no voting quorum. Then another resident happened by chance to join the meeting. Quorum restored.

Just one among many regular trying events of a Recreation staff member. Overriding all else is the duty of Recreation staff to occupy the time of Residents in the nursing home they serve with stimulating, healthy and useful pastimes. Easier said than done.

Residents of a nursing home are in all stages of physical and mental weakness needing to be cared for individually as they are specially unique. It is not an easy task and this applies to staff of every designation not just recreation.