Spring is Here?

Today when I opened my computer I was greeted with the message “Spring is here” and a picture  of a field of tulips. Instinctively I looked out the window and was greeted with frost on the ground and a look of cold.

How can my mind believe in “Global Warming”?

Well, I tell myself, it is a big world and just because it is colder than normal here it can be warmer than normal somewhere and I am told that it is, say, at the poles. So I listen to the experts and still believe in GLOBAL WARMING.

Yes pundits, I do believe in global warming but after looking out of the window it is getting harder. Oh dear!

I have a shivery belief in Global Warming

Good day all as I try my hardest to think of the residents garden and spring planting, nice days lolling about in the garden outside and watching all the spring plants grow.

Worldwide Dis-Ease

Wherever one looks in the world there seems to be imminent trouble approaching war.

Man made climatic change is believed by many to be rapidly making earth unliveable and some nations have become bound together in adopting counter measures while at the same time other nations are vehement deniers of man made harm to our liveable climate.

Is mother earth suffering from a life ending disease? Is mother earth suffering an incurable disease? (dis-ease)