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The following is a paragraph taken from “Narcotic News”

Workers who smoke marijuana are more likely than their coworkers to have problems on the job. Several studies associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover. A study among postal workers found that employees who tested positive for marijuana on a pre-employment urine drug test had 55 percent more industrial accidents, 85 percent more injuries, and a 75-percent increase in absenteeism compared with those who tested negative for marijuana use. In another study, heavy marijuana abusers reported that the drug impaired several important measures of life achievement including cognitive abilities, career status, social life, and physical and mental health.

Narcotic News on Marijuana

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Smoking tobacco has given long term care homes as a group in Canada to think furiously after which to apply rules that are largely successful. Then, and so far as I know, smoking does not result for the user being guilty of doing things that can adversely affect others.

Marijuana is entirely different as I am told that using this narcotic can adversely affect the user not just then but for hours after use.

Developing simple but effective rules is beyond this writer but there will be more to come  as I learn more.